Hurrah we've finally sprung into Spring with golden daffodils gently nodding in the breeze and cute bunnies bouncing hither and thither in the sparkling green, green grass of home.

Although, think, why is the grass so green. April showers is one of the answers.

Photographing Tom Jones (although it was June to be precise) taught  me, once again, the importance of things to consider when photographing live events.  

I arrived late because I hadn't done a location check and so had to share the road with a lot of his fans - he has many fans.  I got wet because I hadn't done a weather check and the skies swiftly changed from blue to black.  I bought a cheap waterproof poncho.  In the photo pit, I had a bright idea and thought I could keep my camera dry under my North Face jacket (the poncho was flapping about too much in the wind and the rain).  Big mistake.  Equipment failure.  Tom arrived on stage and my zip got stuck therefore so did  my camera.  Valuable shoot time was lost until I eventually wriggled out of my jacket.  Should have checked my zipper.

The rain never stopped but watching and hearing Tom Jones more than made up for it.  His voice and performance was brilliant - a total professional despite the weather.  He sang Green Green Grass of Home as well as many other fantastic songs.

Tom Jones What a Voice

Tom Jones

4 Tips - Live Music Photography

1  Check location - google or if possible do a site visit beforehand.

2  Check the weather.

3  Always carry an adult emergency poncho.

4  Check your kit - that includes what you're wearing.

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