December is Christmas.  The End (of the year).

Ok maybe a bit more Christmassy content to fill the December blog.  Christmas thoughts from me (in no particular order):  untangling the Christmas lights & wondering why they never work , racing round the shops on Christmas Eve promising myself (yet again) that next year I'll buy, wrap and send all gifts and cards in August, gazing with envy at those homes so stylishly decked with twinkling lights, King's College Chapel Cambridge & which chorister is going to begin Once In Royal David's City, a  sister eating all my advent chocolates whilst hiding under her bed, finding a large bowl of brussel sprouts on top of a kitchen cupboard 6 months after Christmas Day, naughty nephews and son making fireworks from flour and scaring the rest of us to jump and scream loudly (except 1 sister who was fast asleep), sitting down every year to a burnt Christmas dinner despite the meticulous planning that goes into it, champagne fountain (that's a wish not a memory), dad dressed as Father Christmas getting very stuck climbing over a large metal gate with his sack of pressies & finding out the next day that there was no wall  attached to either side of gate, mulled wine, Fairytale of New York, Merry Xmas Everybody, It's a Wonderful Life & A Christmas Carol, singing along to While Shepherds Watched their Flocks by Night & waiting in anticipation for a family member to sing the thong word and trying really hard not to giggle.

This photo of Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips wasn't taken anywhere near Christmas time (23 July 2018 fyi) but he reminds me of everything Christmas - crackers, helium balloons, mad parties, shimmering  confetti, disco balls, laser lights, excitement of the unknown, bah humbug, peas on earth - mainly having lots of merry sparkly fun at Christmas time.

Christmas on Mars

Wayne Coyne, The Flaming Lips

Tips and tricks for photographing December:

1)  Wrap up warmly (unless you're on the other side of the world and it's beautifully hot) & go for an urban walkabout & snap away at all things Christmassy - lights, decorations, smiley faces.

2)  At the slightest hint of frost (snow falling would be like winning the lottery) go wild in the country photographing close ups of leaves, trees, mistletoe, holly and the ivy.

3)  Christmas Day presents no end of photo opportunities - family groups, candid portraits (someone will be asleep), Christmas Pudding on fire, red robins on the garden fence & a partridge in a pear tree (5 gold rings are easy to find if you have no luck shooting a partridge.)

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