Happy New Year 2022.

You Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive takes me back a few years to discos, dancing and New Year's Eve parties. 

This is the first year (I can remember anyway) that I didn't get to midnight and Auld Lang Syne but went to bed instead. 

I'd bravely planned to get up early on New Year's Day and go exploring, with my trusty camera, into the dangerous, death-defying wilds of Cambridgeshire. 

Looking for a new beginning, a new me, a new sunrise, a new pic.

Success - the sun rose beautifully and majestically.  Painting the sky in streaky lines of crimson, vermillion and burnt sienna (shades of red in case you didn't see what I saw at that time).

Obviously, I was a bit late to the sunrise party so missed out on the tripod and filter hors d'oeuvres.  No problem, I still threw myself passionately and enthusiastically along the muddy bridleway getting closer and closer to the star attractions.

The Wind Turbines.  

I snapped away trying to capture the  powerful blades spinning rhythmically through the golden skies.  Working the landscape (or skyscape) with renewed energy at each stroke.  

Wadlow Wind Farm

Wind Farm, Cambridgeshire

Tips and Tricks for January Photography:

1) Use the slow season wisely: clean equipment and see if anything needs replacing, brush up on your editing techniques,  declutter your computer, do the admin that's been steadily growing in the corner (hiding it in a filing cabinet or box isn't the best organisational method to use).        

2) Get in touch with clients wishing them well for the year, don't let them forget about you.

3) Draw up a loose plan of what you would like to accomplish each month, a physical reminder such as a calendar can help to remind you of goals and keep the motivation strong

4) I've lost count of the amount of times I've made New Year's resolutions and failed magnificently each time - if anything they made me worse in all areas. I've long since stopped making them  and common sense prevails (occasionally). My January  words of wisdom & main tip is:  don't forget to look after yourself - it"s  been an odd few years and we can only look ahead to the future with optimism and positivity (a good feeling that is not the results of a covid test).

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