Dear family, friends & anybody else who is forced  to read my first blog - please understand this is a work in progress and needs a lot of polishing before it is really ready.  This blog began about 10 years ago  when I insisted to a friend (who dabbles with design he's a professional appy person so possibly knew what he was talking about) blogs would never take off plus I knew absolutely nothing about anything apart from how to make toast and marmite.  He suggested I must know something about photography as I'd been doing it for a long time.  Then last year my most favourite sister (I know the other 2 won't read this so feel safe) gently told me (for the umpteenth time) with lock down going on I'd run out of excuses (work, standing on my head, ironing) and to just get on with it.  So here goes:  back-story blogs and a few photography tips thrown in.

As with many of my stories; it all began in Bermuda.  

I had merrily skipped away  from home in Cambridge, happily missed my graduation ceremony in Portsmouth and followed a lovely economist across the ocean for his new job on the dreamy island of Bermuda...

On my first day to work as a rubbish secretary (reasonable typing but dreadful at shorthand) I was driving from St George's to Hamilton on my mean machine (50cc moped).  As I turned the corner along Mullet Bay Road I did an emergency stop - thankfully it was early morning plus you were only allowed 1 car per household so the roads were rarely busy.     Transfixed I saw the sunrise bouncing colours I'd never seen  before on the perfectly still water in the boat packed harbour.  It was unbelievably beautiful and a memory I've never forgotten.

That was it, I was hooked and got a camera to try and recapture that moment.  Never did manage it.  However I keep trying and hope one day I might succeed.  I did return years and years later with my parents & daughter for an amazing holiday - staying at Coco Reef Resort.  As soon as we arrived and after the torrential rainstorm  I ran off to take hundreds of snaps of Elbow Beach, a fantastic beach on the most beautiful island in the world.

Elbow Beach Bermuda

Elbow Beach, Bermuda

Tips and Tricks - How to Start Photography

You don't need the latest and greatest computer or fruit ever made

You don't need the complete bells and whistles graphic software package

You don't need the most expensive camera in the world

You don't need to go to paradise although it helps

Fear not! There are only 3 things needed to start your photography journey:

1  A camera of any description.

2  A subject that interests you

3  And some form of lighting! 

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