June, blue skies, sunshine and the longest days to take lots of pictures.

As we all know photography is easy peasy; mobiles (cell phones just in case you prefer that term) are smart - point and click and you get the perfect shot.   AI (sorry meant to be ie), anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Or is that true?   Do you really get the perfect result when there's a little more drama thrown in the mix - time racing, lights doing their own thing and people moving any which way?

Picture this, a photo pass to a gig starring my teenage icon; Debbie Harry.   I got paired up with a lovely journalist who was due to interview Debbie (and to under no circumstances call her Blondie) before the gig. Very excited and equally nervous we both got there early and waited and then waited, and waited a bit more.   To use our time constructively & responsibly we did some wine tasting. Finally we got that call.  Interview time.  

Totally relaxed, confident and very happy we waltzed into the green room: the journalist spoke utter gibberish yet Debbie seemed to understand each question and they chatted away for ages.  I couldn't take any photos except during the gig as time was running short.  So instead I had a long, very complicated discussion with the tour manager about world events and the colour of his favourite socks. (I think he said blue). 

Debbie was (and still is) a photographer's dream in her performance; she kept her mic at a distance which reduced unwanted shadows, she was dynamic and moving all over the stage yet still took moments to hold a pose and most importantly she had fun and made sure everyone else did too.  I loved it and in relaxed mode kept switching between my camera's manual, aperture, shutter speed settings and took one of my most beloved live gig photos. 

Debbie Harry - One Way or Another

Debbie Harry

Tips for dynamic shots & being creatively independent

1)  Learn how to use manual mode on your camera - you take control of your camera (bit like driving a manual car as opposed to an automatic). Through practice, trial and error you will get to understand all about aperture and shutter speed and how to use them to your advantage.

2)  To freeze a moment in time - go fast & set your shutter speed to 1/250 and beyond.

3) To get a dreamy effect - go slow & set your shutter speed to 1/10 and below.  

4) To get a dynamic action effect - sharp mixed with blur - set your shutter speed to 1/10-1/30 and keep practicing.

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