That's another month over and done with, be proud of whatever you may have accomplished or if you are feeling like you haven't achieved what you set out to do then look forward to these brighter longer days and begin again (like I do with my healthy diet and fitness regime every week).

March is the month where we start to get reacquainted with some of the brighter colours in nature, the landscape and even in people! 

As the daylight starts to hold out a little longer and the most lovely, dramatic and emotive evening skies continue on, I can start to plan on going to new places for sunset hunting sessions. In a sense; this might not be the most profitable aspect of running a photography business, but for my personal sanity it is a must. 

For me, chasing those sunset shots has given me a multitude of lessons over the years such as:

1  Give yourself as much time as possible and forward planning is so beneficial.

Look at maps, explore locations, look for subjects:  trees, spires, people, pylons.  A sunset without anything in it is lovely but also a bit bland.  

2  Pack an extra battery and memory card

They take up so little room and are essential, so often I have learnt the harsh reality of missing a spare of either. Sadly you can't sell audio descriptions of the most amazing sunsets and horizons you saw whilst trekking unexplored wilderness...

3  Invest in some good shoes

You wouldn't expect a professional photographer to be an amateur shoe salesman but here I am. Photographers need to be absolutely ready to go, whatever the terrain or weather, to capture that sunset moment.  If you haven't got the right footwear: wellies, climbing boots, sandals or flip flops you'll miss that shot.

4  Sunset Away

The Golden Hour, when the sun starts to pack up for day and drops lower in the sky is 1 hour before sunset (and sunrise but that's another blog). Time is now ticking for you to choose your subject and your perfect spot. Lighting is superb; everything takes on a soft rosy glow and is illuminated. 

The Sunset, this is it!  The moment you have been preparing all afternoon for. You have mere minutes as the sun says goodnight and the light fades, encapsulating the surrounding area in dramatic golds and oranges and reds and pinks. Shoot your shot. 

You have roughly 5 minutes to do this hand holding the camera.  Then if you're really organised and super efficient use your tripod and keep snapping away for as long as you want.  I set my camera at ISO 100 at f8 or 11, most of the time, just in case you're interested.

Loch Meig Sunset - the hidden view

Loch Meig, Scottish Highlands

Damn it Loch Meig! 

A sunset taken in the Scottish Highlands when I got wonderfully lost.  As far as I know you can only get this view from the Meig Dam bridge.  For one of the few times in my life I was actually ready with camera, tripod and time to snap away and capture the colours as they performed before me and my camera. 

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