October is possibly one of the best months of the year to fall in love with your camera.  Form a close relationship.  Know what buttons to press.   Get amazing (and sometimes sad) results. 

We see the magical movement of leaves changing colour tone from emerald green to ruby red and everything in between. There are lots of global celebrations celebrated.  Halloween being the most famous one.  Pumpkins carved with spooky faces lit by flickering candles, witches flying through the velvet night on their broomsticks, ghostly webs and lots of spiders.  Musicians are now performing again for example; Elton John's Farewell Tour (I've lost count which one this is) and Yungblud in the UK.         

Get out or stay in with your camera and chase all the photo opportunities you can - such a symphony of visual treats.

Photographing Grace Chatto was haunting but not in the least bit scary.  Actually that's not quite true.  It was tricky to know where to focus - lights and movement were constantly changing before my eyes.  So I kept still only moving my camera settings from aperture to shutter speed depending on the beat.  

Grace Chatto, Clean Bandit

Grace Chatto, Clean Bandit

Tip and Tricks Photographing October

1)  Find lots of trees - take a friend and/or dog and get them to kick the fallen leaves about.  Practice shutter speed to freeze and blur the action.

2)  Collect fallen leaves and/or buy a pumpkin (plus candle) - take home and style as you wish.  Use lots of lights and then use hardly any lights.  Practice aperture to get the image you want.  (Tripod always handy for these shots)

3)  Buy tickets to live events, festivals, parties (or just go into town). Practice switching from aperture to shutter speed.

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